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Frequently Asked Questions
What if you received dramatically less resumes, and each resume was a very close culture and skill match? This is what MosaicTrack accomplishes by using machine learning, deep learning, and other AI techniques to read through your resumes to show you the best candidates based on culture, team fit, and skill.
Yes! We view a social profile the same way we view resumes searching for skill and team match.
No parsing, no historical data, no test or questionnaires. MosaicTrack ‘reads’ your job descriptions and resumes to learn what you are looking for.

The more character shown, explanation, and detail in your job descriptions the better MosaicTrack is able to find qualified candidates.
We work closely with recruiters and hiring teams to understand what they are looking for in a resume. We then train MosaicTrack to identify candidates in the same way, based on skill, company culture, and team fit match.

Our goal is to identify candidates the hiring team would be interested in interviewing. We use new AI technology that is able to read a resume the way a person does to help you pre-qualify candidates.
Keywords can help identify skill in a general way. As we know people may pad their resumes with keywords to beat an ATS search.

With machine learning, the computer learns what you are looking for; searching for meaning in words and phrases in a similar complex way we comprehend a resume when we read it. MosaicTrack goes beyond keywords to see if the candidate can actually “talk shop” the way the hiring team is expecting.
Your workforce and your potential candidates do most of their job searches while mobile. If you can only recruit when you are at your desk, you lose access to your resumes and information when you are away from your desk. You are disconnected.

MosaicTrack allows you to be a mobile recruiter. Able to connect with hiring teams and candidates while you collaborate with people in your office, and outside your office.
Studies have shown that when people are quickly sorting through resumes, they subconsciously notice names, cities, and gender then reject a qualified resume based on prejudice they might not be aware of.

MosaicTrack, using AI will judge a resume on its merits, whether the candidate would be of interest to the hiring team.
We charge for every resume read by MosaicTrack, and for each social search performed.

How many hours does it take you to read through a hundred, five hundred, or even a thousand resumes? How many good candidates are missed, because they are not found in time?

Many of our customers have found that we are 80% accurate in predicting who will be asked to interview. For example, MosaicTrack is able to read through 500 resumes in seconds, recommend the top 20 for you to review. You choose the top 10 to send to the hiring team were 8 candidates will be asked to interview.